Route to the Tuscany LAN Party

Here you find the necessary information about how to get there. Several options have been worked out, being getting there by car, plane or train.


To start off you will need the address:

Hotel Principe
Piazza Matteotti N1
Lido di Camaiore
55043 Lucca

Just to give you an idea where it is I placed a little map of the northern part of Italy below.

Getting there by car

Map24 is the best route planner on the WEB here for Western Europe. It's highly accurate and will plan the route up until street level (you will need it if you haven't been to Lido di Camaiore before).

Map 24 - Highly interactive java based route planner

Getting there by plane

The airport to fly to is Pisa (you know, with the tower). It is very likely that someone will pick you up there, when you arrive. If you can't get a flight to Pisa (because of an intercontinental flight for example, you can fly to Florence (Firenze). Please let us know timely when we need to pick you up, since the drive up there is a little longer. It would also be helpful to be able to get in touch (by mobile phone). I will let my number know to all participants in time.

Inside Europe it is interesting checking out Ryan Air. They fly on Pisa from London, Frankfurt and Brussels for extremely low fares (what about 0!!!). Actually I expect the airport tax to exceed the price of the ticket. Check out their site, you might get a flight over either of these cities to Pisa.

Getting there by train

When you go by train, buy a ticket to Viareggio. Lido di Camaiore lies directly next to it. As for the people who come by plane, someone will pick you up from the station.

The sites of some of the railcompanies with travel information

Italia, then choose a language
Netherlands, check 'Internationaal'
Germany, check 'Fahrpläne'
Austria, check 'Fahrplanabfrage' or choose English and then 'Timetable'
France, check 'Trains'
Belgium, check 'Travelling in Europe' and then 'Destination'
Switzerland, check 'Reisen/Fahrplan' or choose language
Portugal, check 'Horários/Timetables'
Spain, check 'Horarios y precios'