Little beach resort

As mentioned before, the LAN Party will take place in the beautiful Tuscany in Italy. It will be in a little beach resort on the Mediterranian Sea, Lido di Camaiore. It is situated directly next to Viareggio and quite close to one of the most picturesque towns of Italy: Lucca.

The place

The LAN Party will be held in Hotel Principe, where Space.Trade.Warrior works. It's a nice little hotel, where the beach and the Mediterranean Sea is just across the street. And yes, you will have to carry your equipment up those stairs.

The second restaurant of the hotel will be used for gaming. It is about 70 to 80 square meters big, so room enough for a lot of people. There will be an Internet connection available. It should at least be enough to post on the forums and put up pictures on the Internet for all the others to see.


Of course you can stay at the hotel. Space has arranged for special rates for the rooms. The prices for the attendance will very likely not exceed € 40 per day/night. This will include a bed in a hotelroom, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the hotel, soft drinks, wine, and the use of the main room for playing. Some additional costs may come out of trips and meals in other restaurants.

How to get there

There is a seperate page dedicated to the several ways to get there.