The Fourth Wheel of Time Tuscany LAN Party will be in May 2004. The exact date has not been set yet. Almost an entire week will be available for it,

from Monday the 24th of May to Sunday the 30th of May 2004

The location will the hotel of Space.Trade.Warrior's family again. On the Location page there is info on the hotel and also about prices and what's included.

The Tuscany LAN Parties are the most relaxed LAN Parties you can imagine. Most of the playing will be done in the evenings, while we will do a fair number of other things during the day, like checking out nice towns like Lucca, swimming in the sea and eating. In other words, a LAN Party you do not want to miss!

There is a sort of conference room for the LAN Party itself and rooms at a reduced rate for the attendees. Since it's no gaming place, we have to take care of the rest ourselves. That means that, if possible at all, everyone should bring their own gaming PC (maybe a laptop) or have someone bring one for them. Other stuff can also be helpful.

Tactical Ops

Although the basis of the LAN Party is The Wheel of Time, some other games are also played. A number of people from Space's Tactical Ops clan 13th will also be joining us. Tactical Ops is a mod for Unreal Tournament, oriented on Counter Strike. It is basically a realistic game of terrorists vs. Special Forces. Last year it was published as an official game under the name of 'Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror'. I expect some Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 and especially Unreal 2 Expanded Multiplayer , also made by Legend Entertainment, to be played as well.

The weather is usually very pleasant that time of year. Usually it will be between 20 and 25 degrees (Celcius of course).

Fred aka [SoL]Bryne