Who will come and what will they bring...

This, again, is the main planning overview. On this page you can see who is planning to come, where they come from and how they intend to get there. Additionally, this page will state, what people will bring. This gives us all a good insight in what would still be needed.

Since this LAN Party is organised in a hotel and not at a gaming place, we will all have to take care of the stuff we need for playing ourselves. That means, if possible, bring at least our own PC's.

Some guys will bring their girlfriends along. It is a good opportunity for that. We won't be gaming full time and when we are gaming the girls can go out somewhere togethere like at the Virginia LAN Party.

Name City Transp. Arrival Departure Gaming PC Server Remarks
Space N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 ?
Bryne Eindhoven (NL) Timeripper 24/5 30/5 2 - UTP Networkcables
8-ports 10/100BaseT switch
digital camera etc.
Timeripper Ede (NL) Car 24/5 30/5 2 1 (laptop) 8-port switch
8-port HUB
UTP cables
Drizzt Vienna (A) Car 27/5 30/5 - laptop With friend and two ladies
Silent.Hunter Frankfurt (D) Plane? ?/5 30/5 2
Davram Middelkerke (B) ? 24/5 30/5
Gizani!!!! Hamburg (D) Car 27/5 30/5 ? Brings 3 other people

We are expecting a number of people of Space's Tactical Op's Clan, 13th, as well, like Na2gul, Fatal, Cowboy and Tuned.

People who are interested

Below is a list of people who have shown interest in attending this LAN Party, either on the Wheel of Time Game Forum or on ICQ.

Name City Transp. Remarks
Homunculus? Almelo (NL) ?
Asq Leeuwarden (NL) Car ?
Brainiacus Haarlem (NL) ?
Burky (S)
SquirrelFire ?
Young Bull Heerlen (NL)
Arwen Heerlen (NL)
LordBaron ?